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Welcome International Participants
to R´Equilibrio - Exercise and Health Program!

If to be in shape is important to you perhaps you would like to join us...

3 x week

walking + green gym (exercise outdoors) + nutrition themes

Team: an awesome Fitness Trainer + a Nutritionist + a Physiotherapist (Oeiras only)

Group exercise 100% outdoors - men/women

Rain or Shine

Bring a Pedometer (to count steps; we like the Omron brand)

This is an adult program but children on a stroller and dogs are welcome.

At day 1 and on the last day we measure (not mandatory):
- height
- body weight
- body mass index
- fat percentage
- waist circumference
- blood pressure

Weekly nutrition topics are explored with light homework ;)

Cascais -
Mon and Wed mornings + sunday morning (Cascais/Jamor we alternate) - 115 euros
Dates: Jan. 18th - March 24th (10 weeks)

Oeiras -
Tue and Thu evenings + sunday morning (Oeiras/Jamor we alternate) -105 euros
Dates: Jan. 12th - March 25th (11 weeks)

Sundays are unsupervised/free walks and you can bring whoever you would like (husband, friends, dog, etc.). Madalena Muñoz (the Nutritionist) usually shows up at the great Jamor walks :)

Enrollment and contacts:
1 - Clínica R´Equilibrius, Av. D. João I, 8 - Oeiras.
(near Court and Inatel)
9:00 - 20:00 horas
Telefones: 309 984 508 / 91 777 6556.

2 - CIS Clínica Internacional de Saúde
(Bairro do Rosário, behind KA - Kilo Americano, near roundabout on Av. Infante Dom Henrique)
Rua João Infante, Lote 1, R/c. A - Alto das Flores
2750-384 Cascais Portugal
tel: +351 21 486 59 46

3 - Organizer
Madalena Muñoz
93 828 7398

This is lots of fun too, so do came and try it!

Madalena M.

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